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May 7, 2017
Silent Defender

He’s the hockey league’s first deaf defenseman.

Magnus Eriksson has been dubbed the Silent Defender by the reporters he will only speak to through a sign language interpreter.

She’s a reporter he’s slow to trust.

Jennie Fields caught Magnus’ eye the first time he saw her standing in the back of the locker room. Physically, she’s just his type—long legs, voluptuous curves and an ass he’d gladly worship. Her only downfall is her job.

Unless it’s a slap shot from the blue line, taking chances isn’t Magnus’ strong suit. He’s comfortable with his life, even being deaf, but the more he gets to know Jennie, the more he wonders if he’s been wrong all this time.

Could he have his career, his right to remain silent and the girl? If so, he’d have the perfect hat trick.

Contemporary  & Erotic Romance Author

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