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Nikki Worrell was born in southern New Jersey, raised by her mother, alongside one older sister. She still resides in the area, which makes it convenient for her to commute to her full-time job as a bookkeeper for a Philadelphia law firm. 

Numbers have always been her thing, but letters were right on their heels. Nikki constantly read novels and was an A student in her college writing classes. Even so, she hadn't had the thought of writing her own novel until a co-worker had done it and she thought, why not?

Nikki and her husband both love hockey and animals. And romance, of course. These loves gave her the idea to write romance novels about hockey hotties (who tend to have a pet or two). She especially has a soft spot for the tough guys—although they're all really marshmallows inside.

If there is any advice she would impart upon you, it's this: Follow your dreams. Always. Don't let anyone tell you it's foolish or unattainable. The only limits you face are the ones you put on yourself. You have but one life to live—live it!

Contemporary  & Erotic Romance Author

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