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Five-Minute Major

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Mitch wanted nothing more than a casual relationship.

The NHL Breakers’ tough-guy enforcer had been tossed aside before…and before that…and before that. Why should he trust that a relationship with a sports editor on sabbatical would be any different? He shouldn’t. It wasn’t worth the risk.

Izzy wanted it all.

The first time she’d met Mitch, sparks flew—but not in a good way. As a matter of fact, she’d punched him square in the face. Why then, a year later, did she nominate herself to be the one to break down the walls he had built around his heart? Around his very soul? Damned if she knew.

Day by day Mitch & Izzy’s relationship developed into something other. They weren’t exactly lovers, but they weren’t simply friends either. How would it all work out in the end when one person wanted a happily ever after and the other didn’t believe such a thing existed?

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Contemporary  & Erotic Romance Author

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